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drowning by Olga Markowska on Flickr.


John Galliano Fall 2009





abolish the concept of ‘passing’ & start accepting that theres no specific way any gender has to look to be valid

"The thing with "passing" is it prioritizes cis people and their perception of gender over trans lives [and] also tacitly encourages the gendering of strangers." [via]

"presenting" is an equally deplorable term because no one is presenting as male or female or w/e. Trans ppl ARE what their genders are and their presentations are themselves.

ok um. you do realize that ‘passing’ within the transgender community is very much a behavior people engage within for the sake of safety and survival right? and that maybe it would be better, from a humanitarian standpoint, if not a theory standpoint, to encourage the destruction of the systems that make ‘passing’ a necessity rather than to ‘eliminate passing as concept’? and that eradicating this terminology rather than understanding it within context presents a pretty effective barrier to safe transition for trans women to such a degree that this type of thing could be understood as a call for violence? 

Exit Magazine, Spring/Summer 2013 
Manuela Frey photographed by Emma Tempest


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There’s been an update with @PsykoUK’s ordeal and im sickened. These racist thugs that are the metropolitan police found it was ok to detain him without probable cause. For simply sticking up for 3 eleven year old girls who did not have their Oyster cards, he was criminalised for being black. The worst part about this is that there will be no justice. Take a good look at Institutional racism and white supremacy here folks. Absolutely disgusting.


This is absolutely unacceptable. This happens to young black people all the time, it needs to stop. REBLOG. This NEEDS to go viral otherwise the MET police will just sweep it under the carpet

i got my bags all packed and i’m ready to go. i’m standing outside of your figurative door and i’m ready for the flight or to fall of a cliff, but if it’s alright with you i’d rather not miss out on us. cause your face is all i need to stay sane. i’ve spent my life getting in my own way. so i could use something good, i really need this to work out. of course the way things have been going it might be smarter to just cash out. but you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m sinking fast so it’s alright.

just know that the best that i’ll ever be is whatever you make me and wherever you are. you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m on your side, cause i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes. but i’m sinking fast, so it’s alright. all we wanted was what we were, and what we were was young and naive. i found my place in this world, it’s in your wake, in your wake, in your wake. 

me lookin at my school uniform: [asuka langley soryu voice] how disgusting…

i may also accept this wedding concept…

yes….this is it this is the ideal. this is better than skeleton wedding or horse wedding